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game flared up. these are the images the world been seeing from the streets of canada. operations room today. club pro and anti-government forces in the are still in fighting terms both sides agree on one thing and urge foreign powers to get out of the conflict also. the u.s. vice president is the most good to leave the results to new highs with these solid plans to break global trade on the agenda. and a london commuter town that's increasingly a crossing point for extremism it's residents on the edges of draws both radical islamists and nationalists.
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it is may day moscow you are watching r t with the arena joshie our violence in libya has reached a grim milestone more than a thousand are thought to have died in the fighting between rebels and government forces while opposition leaders are calling for the u.n. to recognize its control both sides are urging foreign countries to stay out of the cards like oh you know across lives on a policy or who's leaving the capital for well paula we're hearing that pro-government forces seem to be regaining control in some areas what more can you tell us about this. so be doing the same reports from the capital city tripoli we know that these government forces have made advances in the town of zawiya the latest we have out there is still fighting the reported in the east of the country oil rich. and if we. are in here at all our nation's biggest need hurts just that some. will have. no intention. we are ever hearing from the united nations they're saying that forty two hundred
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miles of people have so far. now they are where described as having its. on the maps we know that the fighting is getting closer and closer as for gadhafi himself he continues to cling to hardware just yesterday to sleep here from this hotel where i'm talking to you from you live you learn about two hundred journalists waiting for some eight hours and up you have been told would be a great one hundred solution would say something he said nothing and this kind of erratic behavior people don't really know what he's about to say what he's about to do something insults are even sense of how to deal with the situation on the ground now he did go on state television where he did once again. great stuff for instigating it's mine and he said that they were backing the vehicles and as such they had to walk to chance that it was very much the same message. for
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a minister mr newsome he said that this was a well it's not by foreigners. oh well it's clear the. plot the proof is the group has contacts with great powers in supporting them first of all by britain which is a track the reserves in the u.k. has paid several visits. and offered help in the same situation with france and the u.s. great powers compete for the right to own. gold resources and this rivalry is going on. are what about those countries reaction to what's happening in libya right now . while there is a new push on the international stage for flight certainly france. resolution . like the fact that it has emerged it could not be arab league by russia france. and not find certain might. or not it's important to
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note that there's no signs or doesn't beat it and it seems increasingly like you got it right it will have a limited impact on helicopters here like any kind of ground or things that were possibly launched by its troops at the same time nato has begun people in the surveillance over the country now. might be telling information about. these forces and as such they can be important intelligence. conducting these tools that. we also know that aid efforts are being sick that the united kingdom is simply you know it has to be concerned about aid might be needed when the other parts an excuse for some kind of military intervention. or policy or things very much indeed for bringing us the very latest from tripoli and course bring you the full version of artes interview with libyan foreign minister was
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a costar in just over twenty minutes time here in our team and our correspondent sound of boyko has been among anti-government groups should brings us the details of developments in libya's second biggest city benghazi. but it quietly is still going on around the towns of bragger and. after being started to they are rising round the opposition was able to capture much of is to leave the uprising has stalled and it's still unclear where exactly the opposition and government forces are in control both sides are claiming control of various locations i'm in the city of the gods of the second largest city and the stronghold of the opposition some of the opposition leaders told us today that they have now to regroup to accumulate all of their resources that. they have to malinda the parents of guns the town of sirte. hometown of gadhafi his tribal stronghold which
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is right in the middle of the road before in tripoli are big guys if they are suggesting that these crowds of may come closer to next weekend. or not the opposition forces real be able to draw on these contrary founds if you still remains to be seen that army is there. and they have a preference because they're very poorly trained at the same time the only thing that i would say is on their side is that. they're very creative in trying to find new means. here's exactly what i mean our next story. they call it the vehicle of the free trucks have long been popular in the desert but there will drive power easily come christmas tree tristan's is to leave you may be one of the very few places on earth that seems to have. given the state of texas people here like this car for its inability versatility and strong engine and if
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these fascination with pick up trucks that allow their prize the news to lead to pick up steam. lisa's father got distracted few years ago for his family. business his son a twenty five year old economics student now sets out for the front line as if it's a very good car especially in those are without a sedan i wouldn't be able to use it when our can go and fight for my country. ever since the uprising began almost three weeks ago columns of rebel pickup trucks have been crisscrossing the desert around been gazi rebel say the vehicles in the guillotine allows them to dodge attacks from pro-government forces and has more than once saved their lives got thrown by a bomb worth of growth that we were trying. to get everybody through were getting these old pieces of soviet or more have been
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rusting on the main embankment of the ghazi ever since the rebels to cover the seats they now serve as a playground for kids and symbols of defeat for the despised regime. this man was among hundreds of young officers who were in the 1980's were sent to soviet military academies by get out his government now a staunch critic of the libyan leader and he says tanks like the gadhafi regime have low outlived their days. all this heavy armor is no good that's why pickup trucks came in so handy with slight modifications that can easily be converted to try to run rocket launchers and machine guns utilizing the utility vehicles for rabbit attacks is hardly a libyan in the engine pickup trucks have long been a feature of mortar and warfare you see tend to see patterns and certain vehicles are used by the u.s. military in the u.s. government so it was in afghanistan before it's in afghanistan now or to them in
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afghanistan which soon will be it was used supplied to pick up trucks that help african insurgents fight soviet troops three decades ago now its slepian is behind the wheel and they're at a crossroads wondering which way to drive their country next. hour at sea when ghazi. and michael hughes a journalist for the huffington post says those who are pushing for get out his regime to be destroyed aren't considering what the situation will be in libya without him. russia has it it's you know. we need to stay out of business sense of what bothered me was the western agenda it's always been translated. and for some reason we want to. we need to use him as a pariah kind of rallies but i really western rail because he's the antithesis of what america what america is about. his vision of it is
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great for the right wing you know people like mccain and mcconnell we get all excited about going to another country so and they think toppling him is the key to taking control you know they have no idea what is going to look like that there should be a coast to war civil war if you will it could be the tribal tribal factions going at it and then you have the you know the atlantic element ironically if we are being eroded we're going to be intervening on the side of a lot of us once again here we go i have banished management so we're going to invade and then it's already in vain and toppled saddam and the opposition there is going to kill every from us media the u.s. government saying they're anti-gay basking in their painting it that way because they have this perception that you know the good guys are saying that anything but it was perception with a complete monster and they're going to they're going to they're going to. oh yes my president joe biden is in moscow to here is after russian america decided to
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reset their relations so is one of the key drivers of the change in direction and wants to upgrade what's already been achieved to never before seen level i just caution into charlie's following his. well what are the chances of an upgrade to the reset. but it was actually joe biden boston should use the phrase which has become legendary to push the reset button to describe obama's team for relations with russia. now two years old this visit is aimed at assessing where relations stand me two ways group president obama's term and to try but further progress in this research the timing of the visit is perfect it comes on the hills of the success with and with a new strategic arms reduction treaty though some very touchy issues are still very high on the agenda between moscow and washington like the contentious issue of missile defense in europe after years of opposition the us finally agreed to
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include russia in negotiating with nato on an anti a ballistic missile plan for europe which the u.s. believes could be needed to iran comes up with nuclear weapons but russia wants to be offered an adequate level of cooperation on cern's for many years this store pick has been one of the main he returns in relations between the two in other touchy issues w. . the house sold w two accession for for a decade and a half now it's way more than any other member of the organization and of course the crown and expects from its washington partner more than just rhetoric on that so these are just two of the issues which will most definitely be discussed between joe biden and the russian elite school leavers. korean tell us more about the meetings joe biden is expected to have in moscow. well today jill biden will be having a line cheer with the u.s.
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businessman they will be traveling to this school couple park outside moscow this is where the government plans to build the russian version of the silicone valley on the second day of history joe biden will be meeting separately with civil society groups and civil society activists and with the opposition leaders who could become a potential potential candidate for russia's top job in a year from now shortly before the u.s. vice presidency jan. it was disclosed there was some widespread speculation that this meeting with the opposition is an attempt by washington to get its hands into russia's domestic affairs but to put speculations aside what will most certainly be discussed between joe biden and the current was the leader's ease the least book crisis in the middle east and north africa he is very high on the agenda it's a very pressing issue as the u.s. is considering imposing imposing
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a no fly zone over libya which would mean that any plane taking all. could be shut down russia is against that and the foreign minister regenerated of the no international intervention should take place when it comes to b.b.'s domestic affairs and of course the u.s. needs russia's support some of those russia has a veto on the u.s. security council without it saying yes to no fly zone you could not be enforced. because your child thanks very much indeed for bringing us the very latest on joe biden's visit here to moscow. or to dot com our web site is a vague around the clock with all the news and analysis we're covering here here's what what else is there for you. welcome to russia the visa changes which mean foreign workers won't have to leave their families behind. and be careful where you drill shellshocked for residents in a moscow apartment building after a second world war a bomb is discovered in the walls of the details r.
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and r t dot com. in the wake of this with a suicide bombing british police tracing the attackers history feared terrorist cells are more deeply rooted than they thought and as broad the spotlight back on to one town which has drawn infamy for its links to extremism not only did the stockholm terrorists live there but it was also the start point for the london tube bombers final journey today its residents are increasingly on their lore and i discovered. mosques hit jobs and how meat shops a scene straight from the possessors of the orient but this is luton north of london home to some twenty five thousand muslims of british and origins one of them
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was time or abdel wahab dull better known now as the stockholm paula abdul qadeer bashed knew him and describes a volatile character rejected by the community at large but he was here he was challenged his ideologies is think he's we're challenged we challenged him and when we realized he wasn't we exposing to everybody every member of this of this muslim community because we got upset because we walked out and we never saw him again the next day hurt our abdel had blown himself up in sweden and that's just the latest claim to infamy for luton which is fast becoming known as a hotbed extremism breeds extremism and in steps the english defense league committed to protecting england from what they see as a wave of islam is a leader told me robinson believes he's walking where others fear to tread we have called egypt marking. with grave concerns in our community and we need somebody
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to voice them in charge politicians are not doing their opening pretend so the a.d.l. kulu to man home although others say their roots are in football hooliganism they recently held their biggest ever march through the town ahead of which robinson says the police told him his life was in danger here in fawaz may be appropriate if you leave the area for the foreseeable future the town of lucent has undeniable links to islamic extremism including most recently the store paid informants who spent time here and that in turn leads directly to the rise of groups like the e.t.l. who believe the indian team is under threats meanwhile the people of luton see their town in the headlines because of extremists from. both sides of the town's m.e.p. says the boss majority of lieutenants live in harmony and a distressed by their homes image but we currently face in peace and in call me to stand point three peacefully and show that the forced forced maturity of this town
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and to this country who face you don't believe to work so this organization you do not want to hear the stock obama's family plains indians for turning him from a normal boy into a fanatic some point to unemployment and social deprivation as the reasons for the extremes found in luton but passion plays the blame squarely at the doors of the government before nine eleven we've never had these make these type of issues who this is the approach he's going to let them go it was foreign policy as we spoke to this are going to iraq you know it you know illegal war killing women children so forth going to afghanistan you know carpet bombing indiscriminately meanwhile was thousands of miles away make their presence felt in looted where every so often shopkeepers boarded up the town center and prepare for the hurrican of extremism to pass through your edits are t. luton. well now is take a look at some other stories from around the world and
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a suicide bomber has struck at a funeral procession northwest pakistan killing at least thirty six and one thing over a hundred more of last was targeted at local and state taliban militia men who were there explosion comes a day after a car bomb killed twenty people and injured dozens and pakistan's third largest city isel about. dozens of exiled tibetan activists have been protesting outside the chinese embassy in india they took over the lawns outside how we secured amnesty were waving tibet flags they were quickly upper hand by police and taken to waiting buses it was organized by the bad news congress to mark the upcoming third anniversary of the two thousand and eight riots in tibet which killed twenty two sparked a wave of protests across western china. well before we get leaks invaded the headlines another website was busy exposing secrets but instead of classified information this whistleblower zooms in on security clad official buildings in the
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united states lauren lyster join its cofounder or revealing tour. a winter's day rendezvous with an unusual tour guide and cryptic critic we are here with john young he started the website cryptome dot org he got out of the game about ten years before wiki leaks did write releasing classified and secret documents of governments from all over the world on his site and another thing that he does is he goes all over photographing what you call sensitive sites right here where we're near some right now graph them and put them on his website for the world to see and he's going to tag along and he's going to show us new york city through his eyes we begin outside the federal courthouse where terrorism suspects are tried photos john is published at places like this as well as the police and judicial headquarters known as the ring of steel where he's taking us now have led the f.b.i. to visit him and critics to say he's putting national security at risk in the
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contrary if it should too sure there's a risk to our society this is the third world the troops are killed and notice all the burghers here john says post nine eleven america has amounted to a buildup of secrecy seen all over areas like this in what he calls security theater. to them. are you going there's an officer around every corner that wants to know what we're doing they claim they're under threat if you will troops to trip john opposes the fortress looking buildup like this secured entrance outside the prosecutor's offices he also thinks in this particular case it's a de quoi i don't know that the prosecutors are going off. not john is an architect by trade so he reads buildings like books and the biggest name he sees coming out of this area is the money being made these are huge. they call them government operation but they're hugely completion and huge concord and sheik which is just down the street this federal building houses the f.b.i.
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and there's an underground driveway. takes the perp from the parking lot but john has discovered it's not all is for. as it seems you can go and pick of curry and you'd enjoy your reward and your despite all of these discoveries there is one place john hasn't found the cia office next stop wall street at first purportedly the world's largest repository of gold yes even more than fort knox house mostly for other countries behind this wall of the new york federal reserve eight feet of concrete with nothing for someone to watch it but michael and filming around the financial center of arguably the world we are met with skepticism the third officer of the day or certainly none the less that you were goes on wall street brings a cobblestone pavement to make it look more and more security if you get into it you see that a lot of security official border because not much financial action truly happens here anymore john says the point of seeing a security first hand though is to question more should really be partly just more
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money into the short balding operation which i'm going to be sleeping to hyperbole about this trip. to strive to not shoot you with all your wishes around to lauren mr r.t. new york only because foreign minister talks or just a few minutes and that's though we've got a business news with kareena stay with us. our welcome to business thanks for joining us as economies seeing a windfall from a steep rise in global energy prices on the back of instability in the middle east and north africa all produce a cartel or packers considering an increase in production to boost the climbing world however analysts say the situation could help russell bring new customers in asia. well this comes at an interesting time for russia because in the last couple of years in the last year in particular russia has made great strides in supplying
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oil to the far east particularly through the eastern siberia line and through the porticoes minute there and into china you know i think so far china russia is had a little bit of a p.r. battle on its hands because most asian seumas which after all is the growth market tend to prefer supplies out of the middle east because they're known for being stable and reliable this these events of the last few weeks have really caused a lot of importers to pause for thought it's agree that the japanese the koreans and the chinese and i think it's making them more favorably disposed to building up a relationship with russia where they might not have been before. however russia's own majors are also looking across the atlantic the country's largest private produce a look or as scouting for investments in the u.s. cheryl fields who wants to use u.s. high tech high tech drilling technology in russia's oil rig shell deposits as they are difficult to drill the company is already experimenting in western siberia which is thought to hold large resources of liquid hydrocarbons. and let's take a look at the markets and we start with europe press docs a trading floor puts these down point four percent of the dax is down forty one
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percent gaining four point one percent after europe's largest air space program announced net profit of seven hundred forty million dollars for two thousand and ten rolls royce group is also up what i thought wrenching news with bucking the trend is tell it world down over two percent after its results here in russia markets resume resume trading after a two day break the all tests a quarter of a percent high advise x. is a half a percent this hour energy stocks are boosting the and this is on higher oil prices now let's look at some of the individual share moves their bank is gaining one hundred percent on both the boys as bucking the trend is ross snapped that's losing point seven percent. and all prices are drifting lower although fundamental support remains as turmoil in the middle east show no sign of abating brant is trading at one hundred twelve dollars per barrel together with w t i which has dropped to one hundred four dollars
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a barrel. the cost of insuring russian debt against default is falling to its lowest levels in more than two years. helping the world's largest energy export it cut this year's record borrowing and the so-called credit default swaps slipped to one hundred twenty three in the last two weeks the biggest drop of any nation investors' confidence and russia's ability to repay debt is growing after the conflict in libya threaten all supplies from the region a quarter of the russian of russia's budget comes from oil and gas and high crude prices help trim a plant growing by around seventeen billion dollars that's the update for you but you can always buy most always just log on to our website.
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wealthy british style the sun. is not on the side of. the. market financed scandals find out what's really happening for the global economy for
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a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two kinds of reports on our. morning's today violence is once again flared up the full these are the images go cold and seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations are on the day. if. we hear it because our. god promised them this milind belongs to. will if they are still going to be thinking. and going chosen people will not
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believe that god is real estate agent say look at this that is this for you guys and this guy is for you. this is a. different my rock that. cut. great for the full swing we've gotten from. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers. in indonesia she's available in hotels coming down the resort and spa. would result in small bony come on come down upon the motive in turn both real sentry and.


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